GiaMoto - CNC Machined Motorcycle Parts

At Giamoto we machine our Rearset Component Parts from larger pieces of Aluminium 6082 Billet. This means we can keep our parts more rigid as we need to use less spacers or pieces of plate to create any given section. Our 1199 Panigale hangers are machined from solid 39mm thick billets. We realsie many riders on road as well as track want something different and unique that looks good as well as serving its purpose.


We, unlike other manufacturers, include rear brake light switch mounting brackets sometimes integral to the part, which means you have no need for inline pressre switches or messy zip ties. 


We speak to our customers ensuring we give them what they want, for example, we can supply a single screw upto one complete side of a Rearset kit in the unfortunate event of crash damage.

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